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The stunning Burgoyne Hotel was built in 1783 with extensions to either side of the main house dated 1875 and 1923. There is evidence that an earlier property stood on this site and their cosy fireplace in one of the two sitting rooms is believed to pre-date to the original house. The country house hotel is a truly unique building full of original features.

Previously known as Hill House it was made into guest accommodation and then a hotel in the years after World War 2. In the mid nineteenth century the grade II listed country house was owned by the Robinson family who amassed a large collection of antiquities that you can now view at York Museum.  It was through a Robinson marriage to a member of the mining and brewing family Burgoyne Johnson, from County Durham, that the Burgoyne name became associated with this now luxurious hotel. The Burgoyne Hotel is named after a former owner, Mrs Burgoyne Johnson.  You can see the family crests carved into the stone fireplace in one of the sitting rooms.

During World War 2 the hotel then known as Hill House was commandeered and became home to the ‘Reccies’, or Reconnaissance Regiment at Reeth Battle School headquarters.  A plaque now commemorates the Regiment’s ‘occupation’ on the railings of the hotel.